Sunday, March 13, 2011

Can You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking?

in a few weeks, WWE biggest par-per-view and event of the year is coming.
i'm talking about WrestleMania 27.
yes, there 27 years of WrestleMania.
hard to believe for a professional wrestling business.
but it's still standing tall and as a fan, i'm proud of it.
is my all time dream to go and watch atleast one WrestleMania live in person.
each and every year i'm just wishful thinking about it.
and this year, i really wanna go and see WrestleMania live,
because of one man.
The Rock!
oh yeah! The People's Champion is back and hosting WrestleMania.
it was mind blowing news because The Rock has not been involved with WWE for like 7 years.(except for some pre-taped promos)
The news that someone was going to host RAW and when it was time revealed who he was, The Rock's famous catchphrase was heard all around the world and everyone mark out!
forget John Cena's lame pop(babyface reaction), you should have listen to the pop that The Rock got. it was epic. and now The Rock is starting a war against the one and only SuperCena. It's a dream match that every fan wants to see. but since Cena is challenging The Miz for the WWE champion for the 100th time(please don't let Miz drop the title to Cena), and The Rock is fully retired as a pro wrestler, the dream match is just a dream. but the war of words that The Rock and Cena is having, which Cena is definitely losing(2-0 Cena? keep on dreaming) and plus the raging champion The Miz, this is going to be a wild ride. and since we still have a few weeks left, i don't mind The Rock showing up just verbally destroying Cena. Really!

as a basic fan, i'm really happy that The Rock came back. but as a long die hard fan, i know this will probably won't lead to The Rock actually appearing in WWE. he is a big ass actor now. and his priority is acting. i don't blame the guy, his movie(although the recent movies were for kids) make millions. so why should he risk all that to go back in the ring. i wouldn't mind see him back in the ring but it's a long shot. a really long shot. but since he is here, let's just enjoy the ride shall we?

confrontation between The Rock & Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 27, nuff said!

I Am Number Four

Plot - Extraordinary teen John Smith (Pettyfer) is a fugitive on the run from ruthless enemies sent to destroy him. Changing his identity, moving from town to town with his guardian Henri (Olyphant), John is always the new kid with no ties to his past. In the small Ohio town he now calls home, John encounters unexpected, life-changing events-his first love (Agron), powerful new abilities and a connection to the others who share his incredible destiny. - From IMDb

first of all, are you serious?
I Am Number Four? is Hollywood running out of titles for movie?
well, we can't blame them because the movie is based on a series of books.
and Hollywood is just trying to make another franchise.
but from what i've seen, it's gonna be hard for them with this one.
the plot is simple, a teenage boy, who happens to be an alien played by a very buff Alex Pettyfer(he was so skinny in Stormbreaker) trying to blend in with our human race and running away from another alien race that is hunting him and 5 other aliens. The bad guys already killed 3, and the hero is next. Hence, I Am Number Four(smart!).

the story is just your standard 'teenage-romance-action-sci fi' flick. In the movie, Number 4 or John suddenly realized that he has superpowers and must use it to beat the bad guys. and here comes the action sequences, which are kinda good. but most of it is done by the alien Number 6 played by Terresa Palmer. you can never go wrong for a biker chick(no minah rempit please).

the romance part? between John and Sarah played by Glee's own Dianna Agron(<3). The girl falls in love with the fellow outsider. Been there, done that. But i like Dianna's character because she is an amatuer photographer and got like a bunch of cool Canon cameras in her room. I so want those. I mean the camera of course! get your mind out of the gutters. Timothy Olyphant a.k.a. Hitman(why did that movie suck?) is the gurdian for John name Henri, a parental like figure for John. Sucks that he died in the middle of the movie(spoiler much?) like i said, the movie is pretty standard and full with cliches. but i does gave us a few on liners such as "Red Bulls are for pussies". thank you Number 6! and the ending was definitely a sequel bait, but based on the reactions of most critics and viewers, it will be hard for them to get another movie based on those books. Alex seems to be trying to be in movies that are trying to be a franchise(Alex Rider anyone?) but he has to work hard to get this one up and running. the movie is worth watching but don't expect it to be like The Dark Knight or something. Just a fun movie to watch once in awhile.

If i have to rate the movie, i'll give it a 3/5.

Dianna Agron, nuff said!

Japan: Taking Advantage of The Aftermath

by now, everyone must have heard about the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
and how 300 plus and counting are dead.
and 1000 plus people are still missing or injured badly.
Houses are destroyed and lives changed forever.
The aftermath for Japan was not pretty, at all.
but i can't believe during this time,
people will actually take advantage of this disaster.
for example, the rumor death of Satoshi Tajiri.
Satoshi Tajiri is best known for being the creator of Pokemon, the popular franchise.
and when word got out that an earthquake hit Japan, a rumor was swirling that the earthquake got to Satoshi and he died because of it.
since then the social networks, Facebook and Twitter have been blowing up with comments and statuses about the death of Satoshi Tajiri such as;
"The creator of Pokemon died today in the #tsunami, #Japan. RIP: Satoshi Tajiri. #prayforjapan."
when i first heard the news, i was shocked and checked if it was real or not.
and i couldn't find any official confirmation of his death.
and then i found out that Nintendo had confirmed that it was all a rumor and Satoshi is alive and well, including other staffs of Nintendo.
so you see how rumors can spread like an infection, combining it with the internet, anything can happen.
and i'm glad that he is still alive.

and now comes to our very own Malaysian newspaper, Berita Harian.
oh what have you done?
i don't know why they did it, maybe they think that they can lighten up the mood or something(the keyword is 'they', not me),
but an artist name Zoy drew a picture of a Tsunami chasing Ultraman, a hero loved by people of Japan and worldwide.
i got a couple of questions to ask this particular person and Berita Harian;
"were you high when you drew this?" and
"were the people of Berita Harian high when they approved this?"
it is disrescpetful and it shows how they think of the matter.
it shows they think very lightly of it, that they made a joke about it.
a petition has been made for Berita Harian to make an official statement of apology,
many Malaysians are making a stand of protest for this behavior.

both of this, the rumors and the drawing, shows how people can take advantage of a situation and make it theirs.
some might work and some might backfire.
how bout we just pray for Japan and the whole world.
how bout we just try to help out like giving donations to Japan and stuff,
and not just taking advantage of it.
the people of Japan need our help.

distasteful Berita Harian, nuff said!

Japan: The Unexpected

on 10/03/11, the world was shocked when a very disturbing 8.8/.9 earthquake hit Japan.
not only that, it was followed up by a Tsunami that hit the north-east Japan.
the death toll(11/03/11) is now 300 plus and counting,
and 1000 plus people are still missing or injured badly.
Japan was considered one of the most advance country in the world.
and not many expected this devastating events happening to it, right now.
Cities and houses are destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami.
Lives have been changed forever due to this.
and supports are flowing in from every country, including here in Malaysia.
a lot of support come from the social networks such Facebook and Twitter, as #prayforjapan is still a trending subject up to this date.
and governments are already preparing to help Japan get to its feet as soon as possible.
looking back at this disaster, it made me realized how short time is and how precious it is.
and one single event can changed everything.
Let's pray that the people of Japan can get through this and pray that the whole world is safe from these natural disasters.
because from the looks of it,
it ain't gonna be pretty.

#prayforjapan, nuff said!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dragon Age II

Plot - Set in the mythical world of Thedas, Dragon Age II tells the story of Hawke, who fled the nation of Ferelden during the events of "Dragon Age: Origin" and arrived in the neighboring state of Kirkwall as a refugee. Within the span of a decade, Hawke would rise in power and influence to become the legendary "Champion of Kirkwall", and the center of events that change the course of Thedas forever. The game focuses on Hawke's rise to power and is framed through flashbacks by one of Hawke's old companions, Varric, who relates the Champion's 'true story' to Cassandra Pentaghast, a Seeker of Thedas' religious Chantry. - From Wikipedia

okay, if this plot is confusing you a bit,
don't worry, you're not alone.
for those who haven't played the first game, you might be kinda lost with this.
heck, i didn't even touch the first game and i straight away put in the CD game.
and i gotta tell you,
it's not my cup of tea.
it's a great game and all, but it's not my type.
try to think of it as Mass Effect(for the ones who already played) but in a more fantasy role.
The title of the game is 'Dragon Age'.
So if you wanna play this game, be sure you're into this type of games.
because if you're not, you'll have a rough time getting used to the elements of the game.
a lot of slashing, magics cast, missions, long ass cut scenes, and people who just doesn't want to shut the eff up!

i really should have played the previous game first. nuff said!

Superman: Earth One

Superman: Earth One is an original graphic novel series written by J. Michael Straczynsk and penciled by Shane Davis. Published in the US in 2010 by DC Comics, and in the UK in 2011 by Titan Books, Superman: Earth One is the inaugural title of the new ongoing OGN series DC: Earth One, which, similarly to the Ultimate Marvel universe, allows creators to tell stories free of cumbersome continuity and reintroduce classic characters for a new generation. - From Wikipedia

although it received mixed reactions from fanboys and critics, it is still a great idea to freshen up the origins and stories of well-known superheroes such as Super Man by modernizing it.
and i can't wait to finally be able to read this.

Look out for Batman: Earth One as well.

is it just me or this looks like an idea for a movie pitch? nuff said!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Smallville - The Final Season

Plot - Smallville is an American television series that follows the adventures of Clark Kent (Tom Welling), who resides in the fictional town of Smallville, Kansas, during the years before he becomes Superman.

believe it or not,
Smallville is ending.
the series about how Clark Kent(played by Tom Welling) becomes Superman is finally ending.
would you believe it is already 10 seasons?
10 freaking seasons!
10 years!
many didn't believe that this show will last this long.
well, even i have my doubts of this show.
i kinda lost track of the show around season 5(i think),
and watched it occasionally on TV3(long ass commercials).
then the news got out that the 10th season of Smallville will be the final one.
and it got my attention back.
i admit,
i'm a bit of a geek for comic books and stuff.
i'm a bit curious about the DC Universe more than the Marvel side.
and Smallville tried its best to acknowledged the DC Universe by introducing DC characters
and a few easter eggs as well.
they even tease us with the whole Justice League thing!
but just like any other shows,
it has its ups and downs.
and boy, do they have their downs.
with Michael Rosenbaum, who perfectly plays Lex Luthor decided not to continue playing the role,
and a few not very popular storylines.
the show was on its death bed.
but it still manage to hang on.
and now it's in its final season.
what an accomplishment!
i have watched every episode of season 10,
and i got to say,
i'm impressed.
to put all of it in just one season is no easy task,
but they somehow manage to do so.
some episodes are not that great,
but some are amazing.
the show will finish its run on the 15th of May.
and there are a few episodes left.
and the news that Michael Rosenbaum is in fact returning as Lex Luthor truly set this fan waiting for the finale.
will we see the epic battle between Superman and Darkseid?
how will Lex Luthor raise from the dead?
and for god sake, put on the Superman costume already.
i think i'll be reviewing the recent episode of Smallville, which is Scion.
i think that was a great episode that introduce us to a certain 'boy'
i'll be waiting for the remaining episodes of Smallville,
because the rest will start airing(at the US) on April.
so until then,
Up, Up, and Away!

it's a shame that Batman and Wonder Woman can't be use for the show. Fail!