Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan: Taking Advantage of The Aftermath

by now, everyone must have heard about the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
and how 300 plus and counting are dead.
and 1000 plus people are still missing or injured badly.
Houses are destroyed and lives changed forever.
The aftermath for Japan was not pretty, at all.
but i can't believe during this time,
people will actually take advantage of this disaster.
for example, the rumor death of Satoshi Tajiri.
Satoshi Tajiri is best known for being the creator of Pokemon, the popular franchise.
and when word got out that an earthquake hit Japan, a rumor was swirling that the earthquake got to Satoshi and he died because of it.
since then the social networks, Facebook and Twitter have been blowing up with comments and statuses about the death of Satoshi Tajiri such as;
"The creator of Pokemon died today in the #tsunami, #Japan. RIP: Satoshi Tajiri. #prayforjapan."
when i first heard the news, i was shocked and checked if it was real or not.
and i couldn't find any official confirmation of his death.
and then i found out that Nintendo had confirmed that it was all a rumor and Satoshi is alive and well, including other staffs of Nintendo.
so you see how rumors can spread like an infection, combining it with the internet, anything can happen.
and i'm glad that he is still alive.

and now comes to our very own Malaysian newspaper, Berita Harian.
oh what have you done?
i don't know why they did it, maybe they think that they can lighten up the mood or something(the keyword is 'they', not me),
but an artist name Zoy drew a picture of a Tsunami chasing Ultraman, a hero loved by people of Japan and worldwide.
i got a couple of questions to ask this particular person and Berita Harian;
"were you high when you drew this?" and
"were the people of Berita Harian high when they approved this?"
it is disrescpetful and it shows how they think of the matter.
it shows they think very lightly of it, that they made a joke about it.
a petition has been made for Berita Harian to make an official statement of apology,
many Malaysians are making a stand of protest for this behavior.

both of this, the rumors and the drawing, shows how people can take advantage of a situation and make it theirs.
some might work and some might backfire.
how bout we just pray for Japan and the whole world.
how bout we just try to help out like giving donations to Japan and stuff,
and not just taking advantage of it.
the people of Japan need our help.

distasteful Berita Harian, nuff said!

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