Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan: The Unexpected

on 10/03/11, the world was shocked when a very disturbing 8.8/.9 earthquake hit Japan.
not only that, it was followed up by a Tsunami that hit the north-east Japan.
the death toll(11/03/11) is now 300 plus and counting,
and 1000 plus people are still missing or injured badly.
Japan was considered one of the most advance country in the world.
and not many expected this devastating events happening to it, right now.
Cities and houses are destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami.
Lives have been changed forever due to this.
and supports are flowing in from every country, including here in Malaysia.
a lot of support come from the social networks such Facebook and Twitter, as #prayforjapan is still a trending subject up to this date.
and governments are already preparing to help Japan get to its feet as soon as possible.
looking back at this disaster, it made me realized how short time is and how precious it is.
and one single event can changed everything.
Let's pray that the people of Japan can get through this and pray that the whole world is safe from these natural disasters.
because from the looks of it,
it ain't gonna be pretty.

#prayforjapan, nuff said!

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