Sunday, March 13, 2011

Can You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking?

in a few weeks, WWE biggest par-per-view and event of the year is coming.
i'm talking about WrestleMania 27.
yes, there 27 years of WrestleMania.
hard to believe for a professional wrestling business.
but it's still standing tall and as a fan, i'm proud of it.
is my all time dream to go and watch atleast one WrestleMania live in person.
each and every year i'm just wishful thinking about it.
and this year, i really wanna go and see WrestleMania live,
because of one man.
The Rock!
oh yeah! The People's Champion is back and hosting WrestleMania.
it was mind blowing news because The Rock has not been involved with WWE for like 7 years.(except for some pre-taped promos)
The news that someone was going to host RAW and when it was time revealed who he was, The Rock's famous catchphrase was heard all around the world and everyone mark out!
forget John Cena's lame pop(babyface reaction), you should have listen to the pop that The Rock got. it was epic. and now The Rock is starting a war against the one and only SuperCena. It's a dream match that every fan wants to see. but since Cena is challenging The Miz for the WWE champion for the 100th time(please don't let Miz drop the title to Cena), and The Rock is fully retired as a pro wrestler, the dream match is just a dream. but the war of words that The Rock and Cena is having, which Cena is definitely losing(2-0 Cena? keep on dreaming) and plus the raging champion The Miz, this is going to be a wild ride. and since we still have a few weeks left, i don't mind The Rock showing up just verbally destroying Cena. Really!

as a basic fan, i'm really happy that The Rock came back. but as a long die hard fan, i know this will probably won't lead to The Rock actually appearing in WWE. he is a big ass actor now. and his priority is acting. i don't blame the guy, his movie(although the recent movies were for kids) make millions. so why should he risk all that to go back in the ring. i wouldn't mind see him back in the ring but it's a long shot. a really long shot. but since he is here, let's just enjoy the ride shall we?

confrontation between The Rock & Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 27, nuff said!

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