Friday, March 11, 2011

Finals(2 weeks of last minute study)

yes, it's true.
whenever finals or even mid semester approaches,
we tend to procrastinate.
thinking that doing the common last minute studying will just be enough.
well, how much is 'enough' to you?
because for certain people(yes, i'm talking about the dean list-ers),
'enough' for them is getting 3.5 or the impossible(for me) 4 flat!
i'm not saying that all students procrastinate,
just half(or more?) of them.
but it's kinda in our nature to do so.
i admit, i'm one of those who procrastinate.
and i'm not proud of it.
seriously, it's a pain in the ass trying to cover a bunch of chapters in 1 night.
i nearly went psycho(educational psychology reference)!!
so this leads to this question?
"WTF were we doing before this?"
for me, i was watching tv(still can't watch the FOX channel, damn you astro!),
played my X-Box 360(finish Castlevania: Lords of Shadow before i went to Burger King for,SURPRISE!, last minute studying for Teaching Aural-Oral Skills),
and just sleep all day.
how about you guys?
some might be going out dating, some might just been hanging out with friends,
some went back to their hometown.
so some of us really do procrastinate during exam season.
we can't help ourselves.
thank god i finished 2 papers already and got 3 more left.
and it's the weekend break!
quick question; will i be studying this weekend?
the answer; well a bit................ok! on Sunday night! it's still consider weekends.
wish me luck for my other papers!
and try to not procrastinate!(okay, that was a joke)

*chancellor hall is freezing cold! nuff said!

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