Friday, March 11, 2011

Smallville - The Final Season

Plot - Smallville is an American television series that follows the adventures of Clark Kent (Tom Welling), who resides in the fictional town of Smallville, Kansas, during the years before he becomes Superman.

believe it or not,
Smallville is ending.
the series about how Clark Kent(played by Tom Welling) becomes Superman is finally ending.
would you believe it is already 10 seasons?
10 freaking seasons!
10 years!
many didn't believe that this show will last this long.
well, even i have my doubts of this show.
i kinda lost track of the show around season 5(i think),
and watched it occasionally on TV3(long ass commercials).
then the news got out that the 10th season of Smallville will be the final one.
and it got my attention back.
i admit,
i'm a bit of a geek for comic books and stuff.
i'm a bit curious about the DC Universe more than the Marvel side.
and Smallville tried its best to acknowledged the DC Universe by introducing DC characters
and a few easter eggs as well.
they even tease us with the whole Justice League thing!
but just like any other shows,
it has its ups and downs.
and boy, do they have their downs.
with Michael Rosenbaum, who perfectly plays Lex Luthor decided not to continue playing the role,
and a few not very popular storylines.
the show was on its death bed.
but it still manage to hang on.
and now it's in its final season.
what an accomplishment!
i have watched every episode of season 10,
and i got to say,
i'm impressed.
to put all of it in just one season is no easy task,
but they somehow manage to do so.
some episodes are not that great,
but some are amazing.
the show will finish its run on the 15th of May.
and there are a few episodes left.
and the news that Michael Rosenbaum is in fact returning as Lex Luthor truly set this fan waiting for the finale.
will we see the epic battle between Superman and Darkseid?
how will Lex Luthor raise from the dead?
and for god sake, put on the Superman costume already.
i think i'll be reviewing the recent episode of Smallville, which is Scion.
i think that was a great episode that introduce us to a certain 'boy'
i'll be waiting for the remaining episodes of Smallville,
because the rest will start airing(at the US) on April.
so until then,
Up, Up, and Away!

it's a shame that Batman and Wonder Woman can't be use for the show. Fail!

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